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Question on JCS-SX file system access from application

Marco Fanti
Marco Fanti Member Posts: 10 Blue Ribbon
edited Jul 1, 2016 12:23PM in Java Cloud Service

Hello community,

we have to deploy an application on JCS - SaaS Extension, this application read its configuration from some config files, and also produces files in output.

In JCS SX documentation is stated that we can write and read file under the path /customer/scratch/

but from documentation is not clear:

  1. what are the user rights on the files. Eg can a user read/delete/modify files created by other users?
    From the javacloud console it seems that I can read and write also on files created by other users.
  2. are we sure that the files we put there, will stay there, or periodically Oracle cleans the storage?

Thank you,


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