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FLD_DELETE service is not working.

Jack Issac
Jack Issac Member Posts: 77
edited Jul 11, 2016 3:40AM in WebCenter Content

Hi everyone,

I am using JDEV and Content Server version is

I want delete folder from content server; but I cant't execue this action.

All services are working, like FLD_BROWSE, UPDATE_DOCINFO, DELETE_DOC; but FLD_DELETE is not working.

I am not getting any error from server, response is OK. When I check the folder on content server, it there still and server didn't delete it.

When I check FodlerGUID or like folder path, they are true.

I tried 2 function for this action; but failed.

Function 1


            DataBinder requestData2 = idcClient.createBinder();

            requestData2.putLocal("IdcService", "FLD_DELETE");


            requestData2.putLocal("path", parentFolderPath);

            requestData2.putLocal("fFolderGUID", fodlerGUID);

            // Get service response

            ServiceResponse serviceResponse2 = null;

            try {

                serviceResponse2 =

                        idcClient.sendRequest(idcContext, requestData2);

            } catch (IdcClientException e) {


                return false;


Function 2


    pblic Boolean deleteFolder(String parentFolderPath) {

        try {

            String fodlerGUID = getFolderGUID(parentFolderPath);

            // Set service request parameters

                DataBinder requestData = idcClient.createBinder();

            requestData.putLocal("IdcService", "FLD_DELETE");

            requestData.putLocal("path", "path:/"+parentFolderPath);

            requestData.putLocal("fFolderGUID", "fFolderGUID:"+fodlerGUID);

            // Get service response

            ServiceResponse serviceResponse = null;

            try {

                serviceResponse =

                        idcClient.sendRequest(idcContext, requestData);

            } catch (IdcClientException e) {


                return false;


            return true;

        } catch (Exception ex) {


            return false;



So, why this action is not executing by content server or why folder is not deleting by content server?




Best Answer

  • pradeep.mahajan
    pradeep.mahajan Member Posts: 48
    edited Jun 30, 2016 8:50PM Accepted Answer

    Learned the hard way post few hours of debugging, but this is the gist of it.

                rootBinder1.putLocal("IdcService", "FLD_DELETE");

                rootBinder1.putLocal("item1", "fFolderGUID:"+folderid);

    "item1" , use this text as is, itll work just fine

    replace the folderid with relevant guid.


    Pradeep Mahajan.


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