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Oracle BAM 12.2.1 Customization demo

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edited Feb 10, 2020 2:42PM in Integration - B2B

Dear BAM Experts,

I wonder if there are BAM demo projects to these features below?

Also, would love to see customer who use BAM integrated with OSB

Can the look-and-feel of BAM 12c dashboards be customized?
Yes. BAM 12c offers many ways to customize the look-and-feel from choosing custom color patterns to embedding of images. BAM 12c has a CSS framework that will allow advanced users to customize BAM using custom style sheets to do extensive customization. It provides a lot of powerful customization options.
Can users drill-down on a chart to see the raw data that makes up a specific bar or pie slice.
Yes. Oracle BAM supports drilling to details which allows the end user to see the lowest level of detail for the data which was used to calculate a particular element of the chart. The dashboard designer can choose which fields and in what order the user will see when they drill through to the low-level details.
Can a user move to a different dashboard based upon the selection on a chart?
Yes. Oracle BAM calls this “drill-across’. The dashboard designer can design a dashboard so that the end user can easily open another one based on the selection of single slice of a pie chart or bar of a bar chart.

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