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Variable in Business Rules

Nirmal Shrestha
Nirmal Shrestha Member Posts: 218
edited Jul 20, 2016 4:02PM in Calc Manager


We are trying to create a variable in a BusinessRule and then trying to call the variable in formula, but it does not work for us.

Basically, in this example, we have created a variblab XFER.

We then try to call the XFER variable inside the formula. However, it throws validation error: "ERROR COMPILING FORMULA.... EXPECTED TYPE (MEMBER) FOUND.. XFER in function.

Here is the syntax that we have.:

xfer = "TransferTraining"->"Unit1"->"TransferFrom"->Dec;


                "NetBSalary" = "Hours" * "NoCat"->"NoEntity"->"NoEmp"->"HrlyRate"->BegBalance* ("NoCat"->xfer->"NoEmp"->"PercentageFactor"->BegBalance);


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