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How to Alter type dependent on Queues and Queues tables?

User_RN7U8 Member Posts: 5 Employee
edited Jul 22, 2016 7:55AM in Advanced Queueing

I have a type on which Queues and Queues tables are dependent. I am not able to Alter type because of dependencies.

If I force drop type, my queues and queues tables crashed.

In order to Alter type, I have to stop and drop queues and queues tables and then alter type and then again create queues and queues tables.

I need alternate way to do this as dropping and creating queues and queues tables will impact my production env.


  • WGabriel
    WGabriel Member Posts: 202 Bronze Badge
    edited Jul 22, 2016 7:55AM


    there is no special "trick" or undocumented AQ feature in order to avoid a new setup of a queue configuration

    after changing the used AQ type. Normally such AQ changes will be done only during a production release rollout of an application

    (with empty AQ queues) and not "on the fly".

    Kind regards,


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