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About FDQM Integration Options Tab

3277042 Member Posts: 3
edited Jul 28, 2016 7:01AM in Financial Data Management

Hello Guys,

     I am new to FDQM so I want some help form you.

When we create locations in the FDQM there are 4 tabs available. In that I want to know about the Integration Options Tab where 4 options are there as below:


As per my knowledge in Option1 we write the Data Rule name which is created in the ERP Integrator, so what is the significance of other 3 optons.

Thanks In Advance


Best Answer

  • SH_INT
    SH_INT Member Posts: 3,187 Bronze Crown
    edited Jul 25, 2016 5:00AM Accepted Answer

    They have no significance other than they are placeholders where you can store information that you can use in your integration processes.As you pointed out some native adapters make use of them and you can also use them to pass in varables for use in your own cutom scripting


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