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Authentication in Jcs Sx and Oracle fusion Cloud

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edited Sep 7, 2016 6:09AM in Java Cloud Service

Hello All,

I Need some suggestions here .I am working on my second Saas paas extension application.In My first Application I have developed an application in jdeveloper deployed in jcs saas extension control  and integrated with fusion hcm cloud .I have made my page as open internet page in web.xml by specifying </loginconfig> so that there will be no need to sign in from paas (i will just sign in into fusion cloud and access paas extension application).Later i Found that this is not secure as anyone can access paas if they found the paas link.

I have studied the documentation reg authentication but i am not clearly understanding that

Can anyone suggest me a good approach to maintain the authentication between fusion cloud and jcs sx application

note:I need to have signin  in from fusion cloud only

Thanks in advance


Sanchit Rastogi


  • Bhuwanesh
    Bhuwanesh Member Posts: 55
    edited Sep 7, 2016 6:09AM

    Hi Vikram

    Simple approach which i can think of is, assuming you are using ADF application as a SaaS extension (which is not very clear from your post anyways) use CLIENT CERT ADF security

    in the ADF application and create an admin enterprise role, ship it with the application and allow users assigned to this role only access your application's admin related parts.

    When you are integrating with the SaaS in production environment, if your PaaS and SaaS are in same identity domain, there is an option to specify oracle to create Single Sign on feature

    between PaaS and SaaS during environment provisioning step. When your 2 environments will be linked with Single Sign on, whatever users you create in SaaS, will automatically log in to

    you PaaS extensions. Now you need to map those users with your enterprise role to allow them access to specific parts of your application. Give a link of PaaS extension in SaaS and you are done.



    Sanchit Rastogi
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