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Latest TimesTen Download (

I was wondering if the latest version of TimesTen written in the release notes (version is available to download.

Maybe I have not looked hard enough but I can only find version on the download page:


Currently for our application we are considering upgrading from 11.2.1 to the latest version of TimesTen.

I am particularly interested in a fix outlined in the notes for, which seem to suggest there was a significant performance drop in previous versions of 11.2.2 around the following area:

A query involving multiple tables and an OR condition performed much slower in previous 11.2.2 releases of TimesTen than older releases of TimesTen. This problem is fixed. (BugDB #20250647 - Backport of BugDB #19008503)

Therefore we would like to upgrade to a version of Timesten where this problem is fixed.


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