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Could not create join or viewlink between Opportunity Object and Custom Object

Sales Cloud - R11


Requirement:- 'Edit Opportunity' page - I am trying to display data from a custom object w.r.t a specific opportunity. The data will come from a webservice.

I have done following steps to display data from custom object.

1) Created webservice entry to access it through groovy.

2) Created a custom object and respective fields in 'Custom Objects' section of 'Sales' Application.

3) Created a relationship between opportunity and custom object.

4) Configured the custom object in Opportunity Desktop Page and Mobile page as well.

5) Created a function and related Action to populate custom object data from webservice.

6) Added the action to Edit Opportunity page and Saving the data as soon as action invokation is completed.

I am able to invoke the webservice and populate the data to custom object. But when I try to view the table (based on Custom Object) from Edit Opportunity page, I see empty table. FYI, I can see all populated records, if I directly configure and display the custom object in Spring Board or Navigation.

I want to see Opportunity specific information populated into Custom Object. Somehow I could not create join or viewlink between Opportunity and Custom Object. Could you please provide some pointers on the implementation or let me know the way to implement the requirement.

Thank you.

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