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Hyperion Financial Reports in PDF format

user2134449 Member Posts: 18 Blue Ribbon
edited Sep 2, 2016 3:33AM in EPM System Infrastructure

Hi all

Our desktop team recently updated client machines to Adobe Reader DC 2015.010.20060.  Since then users have been having an issue opening reports in PDF format. When opening a report Internet Explorer would crash and restart with the following information:

Faulting application name: IEXPLORE.EXE, version: 11.0.9600.18427, time stamp: 0x57a02609

Faulting module name: jscript9.dll, version: 11.0.9600.18427, time stamp: 0x57a02dab

Exception code: 0xc000041d

Fault offset: 0x0008e15b

Faulting process id: 0x1a00

Faulting application start time: 0x01d204538798292e

Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE

Faulting module path: C:\windows\SysWOW64\jscript9.dll

I have been successful in opening PDF reports after I disabled the Adobe PDF Reader add-on in Internet Explorer.

Has anyone ran into this issue before and how was it solved?

Could there be a configuration issue with EPM?  The reason I ask this is that in two of our environments that have Single Report servers the issue does not happen.  The issue is only occurring in our environments with dual reporting servers (centralized repository).

Thanks for any info



  • Vikram VK
    Vikram VK Member Posts: 1,204
    edited Sep 1, 2016 12:00PM

    Looks like when opening the FR report your Adobe is getting crashed and then crashing the explorer itself.

    Check the support matrix whether the version which you have upgraded to Adobe Reader DC 2015.010.20060is been mentioned in it.

    Oracle Fusion Middleware Supported System Configurations


  • user2134449
    user2134449 Member Posts: 18 Blue Ribbon
    edited Sep 1, 2016 12:02PM

    According to the Matrix, version 9+ is supported

  • Vikram VK
    Vikram VK Member Posts: 1,204
    edited Sep 1, 2016 12:08PM

    Correct me if I am wrong you are in Adobe 10 version, if not can you share the screenshot as below:


    In case if you are in Adobe 10 version then according to Support Matrix, it might not work and this is what is happening your case.


  • user2134449
    user2134449 Member Posts: 18 Blue Ribbon
    edited Sep 1, 2016 1:05PM

    The version as stated above:


    in support matrix under client third party software it states version 9+ (I take that as 9 and newer)


  • Vikram VK
    Vikram VK Member Posts: 1,204
    edited Sep 1, 2016 1:27PM

    9+ means 9.x however it doesn't mean 10 version.

    Otherwise in the support matrix it would have mentioned 10+.

    As per your logic what is the difference when they put 8+ because that also means 9, 10 and so on...

    Hope this helps.


  • Madhusudhan. M
    Madhusudhan. M Principal Consultant Member Posts: 1,908 Silver Trophy
    edited Sep 1, 2016 11:02PM

    check out Abode Reader 2015 latest than 10 version i think.

    Overview — Acrobat and Adobe Reader Release Notes



  • JohnGoodwin
    JohnGoodwin Member Posts: 30,471 Blue Diamond
    edited Sep 2, 2016 3:33AM

    The problem with the support matrix when it comes to things like Adobe Reader and Flash is that they have not been updated in years, if you look back before 11.1.2.x you will probably see the same versions.

    Are they really expecting for users to be running Flash 10 as the last version of that release number was 2011 and Flash 11 was released in 2011, with all the security flaws you would only keep with the latest.

    I think it is confusing because if Oracle only support say reader 9 then it should be written 9.x just like when referring to IE versions.

    Anyway I think the best thing to do in this case is try different versions and see if they crash,sometimes newer versions of reader will work better with browsers, if the issue still exists then raise an SR.

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