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Download document using web service without using dID

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edited Sep 12, 2016 2:27AM in WebCenter Content

Hi everyone,

In the current setup, users are passing dID in web service calls to download documents from UCM. But soon we are going to have a DR setup and we are going to set up replication between the current instance and the DR instance but then, documents checked into one instance may not have the same dID when they get replicated to the other instance. So we need to find a way for the users to be able to download any revision of a document without passing dID (for example, by passing dDocName and dRevisionID). According to documentation for GET_FILE service:

Given a dID or a dDocName and a RevisionSelectionMethod parameter, the service determines the file name of a particular rendition of the revision and returns that file to the client.

dDocName: The Content ID for the content item.

  • If dDocName is not present, dID must be present and RevisionSelectionMethod must not be present.
  • If RevisionSelectionMethod is present, a rendition of a revision of the content item with this name is returned, if it exists. If RevisionSelectionMethod is not present, dDocName is used in error messages.
  • Optional Service Parameters

RevisionSelectionMethod: The revision selection method.

  • If present, dDocName must be present. The value of this variable is the method used to compute a dID from the specified dDocName. Its value can be Specific, Latest, or LatestReleased.
  • If the value is Specific, the dDocName is ignored, and dID is required and is used to get a rendition. If the value is Latest, the latest revision of the content item is used to compute the dID. If the value is LatestReleased, the latest released revision of the content item is used to compute the dID.

Is there any web service available to download any revision of a document without using dID? Additionally, if there is any way to preserve the dID of documents between two instances, that would be great.




  • Jiri.Machotka-Oracle
    Jiri.Machotka-Oracle Member Posts: 5,078
    edited Sep 9, 2016 9:50AM

    a) the easiest should be replicate dIDs so that they are the same between both environments

    b) "users are passing dID in web service calls" - what users? Neither working with dID, not making a web service call is a typical user operation. Please, explain your scenario in plain words

    c) you may write your own custom service that will resolve dDocName and dRevisionID to dID, if you have to

  • Srinath Menon-Oracle
    Srinath Menon-Oracle Posts: 6,291 Employee
    edited Sep 12, 2016 2:27AM

    You will get the wsdl from Administration - WSDL Admin - GET File .

    These has ootb samples for all basic operations which you can modify as per your requirement and use it.

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