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Deploy OEM 12c agents on host manually (pack and unpack)

Little Foot-Oracle
Little Foot-Oracle Member Posts: 282
edited Sep 16, 2016 3:02AM in Enterprise Manager

Hi Everyone,

I would like to deploy the OEM agents on my Linux VMs, but i do not want to do it using emcli or em console, as it requires ssh.

Can we do it manually, by packing the agent at oms and unpacking it in the linux vm and then create the connection to the oms.

I do not know if this feature is still present in oem12c, a similar kind of setup would be possible in oem11g.

but i am not getting the link for this kind of setup.

please guide me through this kind of setup.

(I have firewall issues for port 22 for which i cannt disturb the firewall rules as it will take a long time)

Thanks and Regards,



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