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FDM email notification with attachment

Hi All Experts,

We are in FDM ver:

I need to send email notification with validation results and data files. i have written the below code it is sending the email with single attachment.

The number of files generating in folder path is not constant. Files are  staring with name  XXX_ACTUAL_DATA_XXX_JAN_2016. i want to send all the files which are generated in folder path.

I appreciate all your help.


Sub SendEmail(strmsg, strAttach)


'Hyperion System 9 Financial Data Quality Management Custom Script:


'Created By:       XXXXX

'Date Created:  11/14/2016 16:05


'Purpose: This script is used to send a batch status email to a distribution list.

'The email will come from the user that launched the batch process.  The email

'will contain a status message with attachemt (passed from the BatchLoad script) for each file processed

'as well as various rpt attachments.



'Declare local variables

Dim strFromAddress

Dim strToAddress

Dim strSubject

Dim strEmailMsgLine

Dim objMsg

Dim objConfig

Dim intSendUsing

Dim strSMTPServer

Dim intSendPort

Dim aAttachments

'Set variables based on the tParameters table

'To edit this table, run the task flow menu item from the web client

strSQL = "Select * from tParameters"

Set rs = DW.DataAccess.farsFireHose(strSQL)

If Not rs.bof And Not rs.eof Then


                                rs.Find "ParamName='SMTPServer'"

                                strSMTPServer = rs.fields("ParamValue")


                                rs.Find "ParamName='SMTPPort'"

                                strSMTPPort = rs.fields("ParamValue")


                                rs.Find "ParamName='BatchEmail'"

                                strToAddress = rs.fields("ParamValue")


                                rs.Find "ParamName='DefFromEmail'"

                                strDefFrom = rs.fields("ParamValue")

End If


Set rs = Nothing

'Initialize message content variables

strFromAddress = DW.Security.fUserEmailGet(DW.Connection.PstrUserID)

'In case a user's email address was not entered in the user maintenance window,

'use a default address to prevent a script error

If strFromAddress = "" Then

                strFromAddress = strDefFrom

End If

strSubject = "FDM Batch Load Status"

strEmailMsgLine = strmsg

'Initialize Mail Server variables

'SMTP server name

strSMTPServer = strSMTPServer

'CdoSendUsing enumeration-1=use smtp on local machine, 2=use smtp over network

intSendUsing = 2

'SMTP port on server

intSMTPPort = strSMTPPort '25

'Create CDO configuration object

Set objConfig = CreateObject("CDO.Configuration")      

'Set Config object settings

With objConfig.Fields

                .Item("") = intSendUsing

                .Item("") = strSMTPServer

                .Item("")= intSMTPPort

                .Item("") = 10


End With

'Create CDO message object

Set objMsg = CreateObject("CDO.Message")    

'Assign config object to configuration property of message object

Set objMsg.Configuration = objConfig

'Set Message object settings and send mail

With objMsg

                .To = strToAddress

                .From = strFromAddress

                .Subject = strSubject

                strAttach="files path"  'path to source file

                if not strAttach="" Then 'attach file to message

                set fso=createOobject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

                if fso.FileExist(strAttach) Then .AddAttachment strAttach

                set fso= Nothing

                End if


                .TextBody = strEmailMsgLine


                'Send the message


End With

'Destroy message objects

Set objMsg = Nothing

Set objConfig = Nothing

End Sub

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