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How to add Java Cloud Service Weblogic server instance inside Application Server Navigator in JDevel

N Vishnukumar
N Vishnukumar Member Posts: 63
edited Dec 12, 2016 3:28PM in SOA Suite Discusssions

Dear All,

I am trying to include Oracle Weblogic Server from Java Cloud Service Trial pack inside Application Server Navigator in JDeveloper so that I could do some deployments.

However attempts that I have tried so far,

1. Oracle Java Cloud Service Weblogic Server instance as Standalone Server with Weblogic 10.3 Connection Type and have filled other appropriates like Admin Server Host name, Port and Weblogic Domain name. Test connection failed with the below error,

Testing JSR-160 Runtime                ... failed.

Cannot establish connection.

Testing JSR-160 DomainRuntime          ... skipped.

Testing JSR-88                         ... skipped.

Testing JSR-88-LOCAL                   ... skipped.

Testing JNDI                           ... skipped.

Testing JSR-160 Edit                   ... skipped.

Testing HTTP                           ... success.

Testing Server MBeans Model            ... skipped.

Testing HTTP Authentication            ... success.

2 of 9 tests successful.

2. Next I tried to create the same instance with Standalone and Oracle Cloud Configuration type. Filled other appropriates like Username, Password, Data Center, Identity Domain and Service Name. Again Test connection failed with the below error,

<<I filled my Oracle account email id and its appropriate pass for the Username and Password fields instead of Weblogic Server credentials. Correct me if I am wrong?>>

Testing Cloud-Admin                    ... failed.

listApplications failed.

Check username, password, domain, instance.

Check cloud sdk location & version: Tools->Preferences->Oracle Cloud

0 of 1 tests successful.

3. Regarding deploying SOA appropriates to Cloud Weblogic server, Is choosing 'upload file' in Weblogic console is the only option or is it also possible with approach 1 and 2 from JDeveloper?

4. Could I use Java Cloud Service Weblogic Server Instance instead of SOA Cloud Service Weblogic Server Instance to deploy SOA applications? What is the difference between these two?

Answers to get better insight are much appreciated. Thank you very much.

Kind Regards,

Vishnukumar N


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