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discoverer report launch another discoverer report, possible?

Fushan Member Posts: 47

We have discoverer 10.1 version ( yes, that is old and we are not in position to upgrade ).  I have a requirement that Business suggests to 1) run a discoverer report to build a temp table 2) select * from temp table to present the data into discoverer report. 

As far as I know, you can schedule a report to be run and data will be feed into table in discoverer.... Then you can write a discoverer report against the table.  However, I cannot schedule ahead the report because user needs up-to-date data and user can run the report anytime.

I am also thinking to write a function in discoverer report to build/feed the temp table but how can you get the data from this temp table and present into current discoverer report?  Can discoverer report launch another discoverer report ? 

if you think of other option, please let me know.

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