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Oracle Validated Integration Partner~ what is this for Accounts Receivable Conversion ?

davport Member Posts: 2

Howdy there everyone

I am sorry if I am posting this in a wrong category.

I am a small business owner from Montreal. Canada. For the last couple of months, I am in search of automating the account transactions and invoice management.

I found many companies doing this here in Canada and US. The last day I found an ARC service provider and this billing company says that they are one of the Oracle-validated Integration partners in ARC solutions, I don't understand what is meant by this.I am asking this here because I know Oracle as a trusted brand, please help me with this.

I know my question is not related to any technical issues. Just need clarification on Validated Integration Partner for ARC


Hope I will get assistance from the real Oracle community.

Thanks in advance

Cheers Wizards. 


davportJasmine Lee-Oracle

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