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An Input is made read-only but its value is undone to its previously saved value

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In the same screen of the interview, I have a boolean attribute (the user is ready) and another boolean attribute (the user has a pencil).

The 2nd boolean attribute is ready only if the user is ready = false

The ready-only rule works perfectly but when I land on the screen and "the user has a pencil" = true and I set it manually to false and then I set "the user is ready" = false then finally we have OPA that set automatically "the user has a pencil" back to true.

So the only workaround I've in order to set "the user has a pencil" = false and "the user is ready"= false, I need first to make the attribute not ready only and set it to false then go to the next sreen and then come back to the actual screen and set "the user is ready" = false.

I've attached the projet and you can play with the both attributes and you can see each team the attribut is made read-only its value is undone to its previously saved value.

Thank you for your help.



  • Brad Tuckett-Oracle
    Brad Tuckett-Oracle Moderator Posts: 645 Employee
    edited Mar 8, 2017 7:11PM

    This is correct behaviour.  The input control is only relevant if it is not read-only - as soon as it becomes read-only, it is not possible to submit the value you entered on the screen (the attribute value will remain the same value as it was when the screen was displayed) and so the input control is ignored unless the control stop being read-only, in which case it will show the value you entered again.

    Brad Tuckett, Intelligent Advisor team

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