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You are now prepared to face a colder, harsher Skyrim. Frostfall 3.0 is now available.

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Download on Skyrim Nexus

Hello everyone, I know the wait has been long. I'm glad that 3.0 is finally ready!

I know you must have a thousand questions. "Is this compatible with XYZ?" "How do I upgrade?" "What's new in this version?" I encourage you to please read the Frostfall 3 Primer, the FAQ, and the Compatibility pages found on the Frostfall website. They should help answer most of your questions and get you on the right track.

As always, a new game will end up being a cleaner and easier experience. However, I have provided a set of instructions to move you from 2.6 to 3.0, found in the Quickstart Guide. It should answer all of your install and upgrade questions.

I will be unavailable to answer very many questions for the next week, as I will be in Boston (in a manner of speaking). I will check back periodically and see how things are going.

Please have fun! And Happy Skyrim birthday!

-- Chesko

New in 3.0:

  •     Much better performance and architecture. The entire mod was rebuilt from the bottom up.

  •     Refreshed UI

  •     An optional Frostfall SkyUI Add-On will allow you to see the Warmth and Coverage provided by every piece of gear, along with your totals at the bottom.

  •     A new stand-alone perk system (which will not conflict existing perk mods) was introduced to provide a progression arc for your character to last an entire playthrough. Build campfires to earn Camping skill points. Spend time in harsh weather to earn Endurance skill points.

  •     A new ability, Inner Fire, is gained at the top level perk of the Endurance skill. Enter a kneel and enter a meditative state to completely ignore the effects of exposure, perhaps as you wait for a storm to blow over or as an emergency in a fire-less area. Movement cancels the effect.

  •     All of your configuration settings for Frostfall are now saved in Settings Profiles. These are saved to a file and persist across saves, loads, characters, and new games. You can configure your settings once, and use them everywhere, and your settings are loaded for you automatically when you start a game. Frostfall has 10 Settings Profile slots to switch between.

What's Coming Next:

You'll notice that there are a few things from 2.6 that are currently missing, such as Inspect Equipment, Conjured Shelters, and very sophisticated UI settings. These features are really important and their omission is temporary. These features will take a little more time to get right using the new system. Thankfully, the updates will come in days and weeks, not months. Frostfall 3.0 is now a much more solid foundation for me to build on, and I can create new content for it quickly.

The focus of future Frostfall updates will be world-focused features, like exposure affecting NPCs, in-world wood harvesting, and even more compatibility enhancements.

About Documentation:

The documentation on Frostfall 3.0 is very sparse right now. Unfortunately, after several days of "programmer heroics", I am dog tired and in great need of rest. However, the Frostfall 3 Primer, Quickstart Guide, and the FAQ should answer most of your questions. I will be updating the documentation slowly over the next few weeks.