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Jcs For Fusion Integration

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edited Mar 27, 2017 12:37AM in Java Cloud Service

Hello all,

                  I have used jcs-sx s2 for integrating with fusion cloud hcm by using Jwt way with my custom pages in oracle jcs sx is made as open page . Can i use Oracle JCS For integrating with fusion similar to how i used JCS SX .Because we are planning to go for jcs as it has more spacing and memory option the jcs sx .

Need your inputs




  • SanjeevChauhan
    SanjeevChauhan Member Posts: 1,554 Gold Trophy
    edited Mar 27, 2017 12:37AM

    I do not work with Oracle but with my experience i can comment on it.

    You should be able to use JCS with JWT way of security. Even with my local integrated weblogic I use JWT for security with my HCM Cloud without any issue.

    With JCS you will have additional advantage of using latest ADF libraries (You can even use RDK 10 provided by oracle).

    If your solution is like a product which can be used by multiple customer using marketplace, you may still want to stick with JCS-SX. If its one single customer thing you can think of usng JCS or JCS-SX based on your requirement.



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