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Oracle E-Business Suite Manager (Manage EBS APPS without technical experience)

Hi ,

I like to present to you oracle EBS manager solution . this solutions designed to help the EBS customer to achieve the below goals . Kindly watch the attached video and send me your feedback.

1- EBS Manager gives you the ability to manage your EBS server efficiently and effectively without any technical experience

     i mean you can backup , clone , start , shutdown , restart and many other tasks without any technical experience .

2- EBS Manager will give you the ability to take a live clone without downtime in anytime with very short time .

    So you can test and solve all the problems you face in your business or server without any restriction and with a zero percent risk .

3- EBS manager will give you the ability to take a backup from the database , application and operating system any time

     without downtime and with very low storage.

4- the ability to generate many number of seperate EBS servers in the same time and use them in the same time .

5- The ability to create a new operating systems and use it as an isolated operating system

     for any new applications on the same server and hardware and you can integrate it with your EBS also Shared file system between the created EBS Servers .