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Non-English character problem in PDF Export

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When I get PDF export from Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, I am seeing non-English characters (actually Turkish characters) as "?". HTML, RTF and other MS Office exports are working fine.

I have uploaded "ALBANYWT.ttf" file manually from "Font Mappings" menu under Administration and created a PDF Font Mapping with the information below:

Base Font: "Albany WT"

Target Font Type: "TrueType"

Target Font: "ALBANYWT_bipcustom.TTF" (the ttf file I have uploaded manually)

TTC Number: "1"

When I exported a PDF file and checked the Fonts tab under Properties inside PDF file, this is the information I see:


     Type: Type 1

     Encoding: Ansi

     Actual Font: ArialMT

     Actual Font Type: TrueType

While I am designing the layout from OBIEE, I am selecting the font as "Albany WT" but it immediately turns to "Custom". Inside RTF and other MS Office exports I see font as "Albany WT" which is what I expect to see. But in PDF exports I cannot see anything related to "Albany WT" and also Turkish characters are written as "?".

Could you please help me with this issue?

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