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Infiniband and Ethernet on the same SuperCluster

Jim Deely
Jim Deely Member Posts: 72 Blue Ribbon

I am designing an Oracle SuperCluster M7 configuration consisting of internal (non internet facing) and external (internet facing) eBusiness Suite application servers with each eBS server connecting to the same database server. The original plan was to use an InfiniBand network using separate interface cards connected to separate PCI buses, to support all communication within the cluster. In other words all tiers within the Oracle SuperCluster architecture will communicate using the internal InfiniBand network. There will be a separate redundant 10 gigabit Ethernet interfaces used for connection to the rest of the data centre supporting incoming client connections. The question I have is around the external Oracle E-Business Suite application servers. Should I add the internal Apps Server to the InfiniBand network and the External Server over Ethernet? If I do this should I have separate DB Servers? What possibility is there of compromising security by using an Ethernet Network (External) and an InfiniBand Network (Internal)?

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