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Inbound Interface to Fusion Process


Can Anyone please help me with any available documentation to process Inbound Interface to Oracle Fusion (Cloud). from Third party Database.

I am Actually looking for the best way to Automate Integration for Inbound Interface.

Please provide possible Solutions and Documents.

Thank You.



  • Geetha Devi
    Geetha Devi Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon
    edited Jul 26, 2017 11:34PM

    Hi All,

    I also have a similar requirement. I am trying to build an interface where I can create/edit/delete time card data from fusion DB on cloud.

    Any PLSQL APIs available to edit the HCM OTL time card tables? Can we write PLSQL blocks in BIP to directly access the Fusion DB tables (on cloud) and edit the timecards.

    Any pointers would be of great help

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