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HFR Reports - - can we write a logic for 2 grids to show a difference

pawanis Financial AnalystWashington,DCMember Posts: 92
edited Jun 14, 2017 1:16PM in Hyperion Query and Reporting

Hello everyone,

I am here with a new question for the day. Using HFR studio v

I have  grid 1 and Grid 2 with below dimensions layout format


In Grid 1, I am calculating the report on Parent level only such that it displays data like below. Pls watch the RED color in POV


In Grid 2, I am calculating the report for a single member under a Parent account such that it displays data like below. Pls watch the RED color in POV (Custom 2)


Reason to do this is - In Grid 1, Parent level is pulling up expired funds (custom2) and I would like to calculate a variance between Grid 1 2016  data - Grid 22016 data.

Output in Grid 1 should be like 12,656 - 391 =12,265 .

I am not sure how to show the output difference in Grid1.

Appreciate all your inputs and thanks for your time



  • Komala-Oracle
    Komala-Oracle Member Posts: 2 Employee
    edited Jun 14, 2017 1:16PM

    Insert formula column in first grid and select entire column and use following formula : Grid1.[B]-Grid2.[B] then you will get the expected results.

    Ex : Grid1.[B] = 12656

          Grid2.[B] = 391

          Grid1.[B]-Grid2.[B] = 12,265

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