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How to hide a column in HFM web form?



  • user11980961
    user11980961 Member Posts: 4
    edited Jun 21, 2017 7:10AM

    Hi SK,

    I tried below formula as well.

    C1=Scalc((A#account.Y#@Cur.P#@Cur) - (A#account.Y#Prior.P#@Cur))

    It is giving the same error.

    EPMHFM-1584: An unknown error has occurred in the HsvWebFormGeneratorACM object.

    Thank you for your help!!!

  • KostasN.
    KostasN. Member Posts: 547 Silver Badge
    edited Jun 21, 2017 8:02AM

    Hi user11980961,

    As soon as you are going to have so many columns on the form, then you will not want your form to perform such calculations even if the SCalc syntax worked. Therefore I thing that the best solution is to go for calculation of variances using calculation rules. And yes, since you have so many accounts, it is recommended to use a new custom member to hold your variances per account. This form will force load one subcube per entity for the current year, but with this solution you will avoid loading the corresponding number of subcubes for the prior year as well. This will also help your report performance, since report will not perform any calculations as well, rather it will load ready calculated values.

    Another option is to use another scenario to calculate variances and keep your accounts' custom analysis clean of new members, though it has its drawbacks too, since calculations will not be part of your normal consolidation path, you will have to explicitly invoke calculations for that scenario, and also with the scenario solution you will almost double the loaded subcubes when opening the form. So, I suspect you won't like it, but you know your business environment better to make a judgement.



  • beatriceS
    beatriceS Member Posts: 80
    edited Jun 22, 2017 6:50PM


    If you are planning to attend Kscope 17, you should attend the Campfire story for HFM. One of my colleague is doing a top 10 tips for the HFM webform, and your question is part of his tip.

    And now, to answer your question, to hide a column it is very simple:



  • KostasN.
    KostasN. Member Posts: 547 Silver Badge
    edited Jun 23, 2017 6:10AM

    Dear SK0412,

    I have confirmed your results as well. What I saw was that POV works as soon as you use absolute members -e.g. 2015 for year or December for Period instead of relative (Cur(-1) etc). In addition, I found you can use two different years (aka subcubes) as soon as the year/period members are not relative.


  • user11980961
    user11980961 Member Posts: 4
    edited Jun 26, 2017 12:27AM

    Hi BeatriceS,

    Thanks for your help!!!

    Currently, i am not planning to attend Kscope 17. I will try next time.

    Style:Width:0ex hides column in web form only. When i open web form in Smart View, it is still showing me the hidden columns.

    Users normally use smart view for entering data through web form.



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