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Using Solarwinds monitoring on SuperCluster

3463783 Member Posts: 2
edited December 2017 in Oracle SuperCluster


Can we configure Solarwinds on SuperCluster to monitor all the nodes.

Its just an SNMP string to be added and there no major change because of this and I tested in 1 DEV servers and works fine.

Will Oracle allow to do this, since OPS center is not working properly and it is not very effective for certain alerts.

It send false alerts and old Faults does not get cleared on OPS center even after getting fixed.





  • Abhijit Gour
    Abhijit Gour Member Posts: 88
    edited October 2017

    Although this old post but seems not answered here thought of adding what I know -

    I'm not sure about OPS center or compatibility with Oracle, but we do monitor all of our IO domains on Supercluster through Solarwinds - as we treat them as any normal virtual server.

    Hope it helps. Thanks

  • Coby Adams GTL Oracle SuperCluster-Oracle
    edited December 2017

    We have customers that use many  third party monitors on SuperCluster. What we state is that if we are working an SR or bug and suspect a third party tool being causal we may ask you to shut it down so we can rule it out during the debugging process.  The preferred method of Monitoring Oracle SuperCluster is to use EM 13 with the EMN 13.2 SI plugin.



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