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Can Oracle Linux be updated from Ops Manager running on Solaris 11?

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I recently installed Ops Center on a Solaris 11 x86 VM. I thought that I would be able to patch Oracle Linux using Ops Center as well however, there is no Oracle Linux distribution installed by default.

Can Oracle Linux be patched from Ops Center? Would I need to install a seperate server running OL to get this feature to work or how to I add a distribution to the software library?

Any help would be great!



  • Klausm-Oracle
    Klausm-Oracle Member Posts: 28
    edited June 2017


    these is possible until OEL linux 6.5, as from that the linux distribution have changed their update services so OPScenter

    disable these function for later releases.


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  • User12616849-Oracle
    User12616849-Oracle Member Posts: 7
    edited June 2017


    Adding to KlausM's update in order to see patches/updates for a specific OS and Arch there needs to be an agent host discovered in Ops Center.   The discovery then tells the environment that OS and HW Arch is needed, this then adds that channel of updates to the noted library in your screen shot.      From the screen shot it looks like the assets known to Ops Center are Solaris 10 both sparc and x86, and Solaris 9 sparc.       Once the discovery of an OEL host has been made the library should add a new Distribution entry for that release.

    I hope this helps.


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