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OSGD 5.2 Changing Message on Workspace - Printing Area Zone -

user13307103 Member Posts: 1
edited Jul 5, 2017 6:46PM in Secure Global Desktop


We installed an OSGD 5.3 but we'd like to cutomize the Welcome Message on the printing Area of the User's Workspace.

Is it possible ? is it allowed ?

Example of message :

Welcome to your Workspace

Hello, T0001041

. You are currently using a secure



  • Jan-Oracle
    Jan-Oracle Senior Product Manager USMember Posts: 122 Employee
    edited Jul 5, 2017 6:46PM

    The only way to accomplish this is to edit the respective .jsp files, but it is not supported, meaning a subsequent application of a patch or upgrade will overwrite your changes. In case you run into trouble, support will also require you to reproduce the problem with an un-modified install of SGD.

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