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Migrate multi-OMS to new hosts

User_6T5Q8 Member Posts: 12 Blue Ribbon
edited Aug 2, 2017 10:15AM in Enterprise Manager

Hi Experts,

We are in the process of upgrading our OMS 12c R4 to 13c R2. Part of the process is to migrate the OMS and DB to new hosts.

I was successful in our DEV environment which is in single node. For our BETA and PROD, the architecture is different which complicates things - it is on multi-node setup (have 2 nodes).

High level Steps in Single node:

1. Perform RMAN duplicate of the DB to the new hosts.

2. Point OMS 12c to the new DB repostory.

4. Export OMS 12c configuration from old host and import (recover ) to OMS 12c new hosts.

5. Perform upgrade to 13c through script.

My question is, if I will migrate OMS which is in multi-node setup, where in the steps should I add the second node? I am thinking that after upgrading OMS to 13c, the second OMS node can be added afterwards - not during migration. So during upgrade. it is running on single node. Can you please verify?

Thanks in advance!


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  • Courtney Llamas-Oracle
    Courtney Llamas-Oracle Member Posts: 782 Employee
    edited Jul 29, 2017 9:39AM Answer ✓

    Yes, it is easiest to add (clone) your 2nd OMS after upgrading and patching... less work!

  • User_6T5Q8
    User_6T5Q8 Member Posts: 12 Blue Ribbon
    edited Aug 2, 2017 10:15AM

    Just a follow up on the migration step/

    Since source is multi-oms and to a target which is still in single node, I have error on patching OMS, it looks for the 2nd node which is from an old host.


    WARNING:You have a multi-OMS setup. The patch application is not complete until the following steps are executed successfully.

    Please perform the following steps to complete patching operations.


            1. Please execute the script "/<OMS_BASE>/oms/.opatchauto_patch_storage/oms_session/scripts_2017-08-02_09-58-26/" on host "".

            2. Please execute the script "/<OMS_BASE>/oms/.opatchauto_patch_storage/oms_session/scripts_2017-08-02_09-58-26/" on local host.


    Can you advise please? I already migrated successfully to a target host, however the old node is still recognized.

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