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Fusion Cloud ERP customization - APEX or Java Cloud Service Saas Extension?

Andy Li
Andy Li Member Posts: 10
edited Aug 17, 2017 5:56AM in Java Cloud Service

Hi Everybody!

I've a question - my company is running its main business in Oracle EBS on premise.  Now the company has branch companies overseas and would like to rollout ERP into these branches.  But some branch company would like to go to cloud, i.e. Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP.

But as far as I'm concerned, the Fusion Cloud ERP customization can't be done easily in itself.  And we also need to integrate the Fusion Cloud to EBS on premise.

So I would like to know if APEX is more favorable for fusion cloud customization since it's a license-free product?

Some consulting company advise to use Java Clould service saas extension.  But it seems to be the Oracle APEX could also solve the customization problem.

Am I right?

Would any expert be so kind to explain the difference between APEX and Java Cloud Service Saas Extension to do the customization?

Thank you very much!

Andy Li ([email protected])



  • SanjeevChauhan
    SanjeevChauhan Member Posts: 1,554 Gold Trophy
    edited Aug 11, 2017 4:42AM

    For extending Oracle SaaS, JCS-SX is best suited for below reasons.

    1. It is Oracle suggested solution. JCS-SX existence is to extend SaaS.

    2. You can achieve seamless integration using JCS-SX. No separate login when you move between ERP SaaS and JCS-SX screens. You can ask for SSO configuration and Oracle can do it for you.

    3. Oracle has RDK (Rapid Development Kit) available for JCS-SX development, which provides screens looking very similar to ERP SaaS. Which means user will not know when he is switching UI. In Apex case you have to develop it.

    4. With JCS-SX and ERP SaaS underline components are ADF and mostly user know how they are working. Like how date picker looks. How a tab looks, How panel accordion works etc. With Apex, you need to simulate all ADF components. Very tiring task.

    5. JCS-SX can be used to install applications from Oracle Market Place. You never know when your customer likes an app created by partners of Oracle and want to use it. Market place apps can be directly deployed on customer JCS-SX instance.

    For long term solution to ERP extension go for JCS-SX.

    For very small requirement (on of page you want) and customer is OK to relogin, to accept a different look and feel, you can try with APEX.



  • Andy Li
    Andy Li Member Posts: 10
    edited Aug 17, 2017 5:56AM

    I'm sorry to say that after my research, what you said is not exactly correct.

    Oracle provides Application Express (APEX) as a rapid application development environment.  And when you integrate APEX with EBS (on premise or cloud), you can do some technical work to avoid relogin.

    And also some blogs said APEX can be used to develop very huge or complex project.

    Besides that, the main comparison here is that the customer don't need to pay additional license fee if he already paid Oracle database.

    Anyway, I think I have got my answer after my research.

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