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Results still returning when Coherence servers are turned off.

User_2CTEY Member Posts: 17 Employee
edited Aug 15, 2017 9:31AM in Coherence Support

I have inherited a project that uses coherence cache to store LDAP data found by querying Oracle Virtual Directory. I was investigating a ticket that reported queries to ovd via a cache plugin were reporting the cache was sometimes offline. Not knowing much about coherence I just started experimenting. I shut down my coherence server nodes (2 in the cluster) and ran an ldapsearch to ovd which uses the plugin to hit the coherence cache. I expected to not get anything back, and probably get an error since the coherence servers were down, instead I still got results back which makes no sense. I can't explain this behavior. I know nothing about OVD and little about coherence cache but was wondering if anyone might have an idea what could be happening.


  • Mfalco-Oracle
    Mfalco-Oracle Member Posts: 503
    edited Aug 15, 2017 9:31AM

    The most likely thing is that your coherence client is configured as "storage enabled", which technically means your client is a server.  Being "storage enabled" is the default and needs to be explicitly disabled if you don't want your clients to contribute storage to the cache.  This is configured in your cache config file, in the distributed-scheme/local-storage element.  Another possibility is that you are instead using a replicated cache which would mean that your client holds all the cache contents locally, in this case your cache config will have a replicated-scheme.



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