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Grayed Out Items

MarcLaf Member Posts: 182 Bronze Badge
edited Sep 1, 2017 7:16AM in Discoverer


I'm new to Discoverer 11G Admin... I noticed that in some folders that I created, some Items are grayed out. The items are not PK or FK. And the data is available in a table from our database.


Why are some items grayed out?

Thanks in advanced...

Marc L


  • mrigg
    mrigg Member Posts: 98 Blue Ribbon
    edited Sep 1, 2017 7:16AM

    Is this in business areas that someone else built, and you're taking over?  In that case, check the item's (or folder's) properties - is it "visible to user"?  If that's NO, it won't show up at all for the user, but you'll see it as grayed out in Admin (but you can still access it to change the properties).  If you're seeing things grayed out in new folders/business areas that you're creating, I don't have a guess for that.

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