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IOT CS --> Some Remarks Regarding Stack Creation and Access Management Console

lucbors Member Posts: 326 Bronze Badge
edited Sep 13, 2017 3:10PM in IoT Cloud Service

Hi all,

I've worked with IOT CS in several shared trail environments, and never had any issues, so actually I am very happy with it.

Today for the first time I created my own IOT CS instance .

I used the flow described here

All worked fine.

I can open the service console from my dashboard (where I have other PaaS clouds as well).

When I want to access the IOT management console, I see a login screen, and I initially had no idea what credentials to enter.....

Took me a while to figure out that I need to username / password that I entered when creating the IOT CS instance.

I have to admit that the creation console actually tells me that I am entering the UN/PWD to access all services in the stack, but still, not so obvious...

Can someone explain to me why all other PaaS clouds use the same UN/PW whereas IOT CS uses a specific one.....

While I'm at it, I have 3 other things.

1) The storage cloud creation is somewhat awkward. I had to try several times before I got that right. You need to have it spot on otherwise it fails. I don't think that is clear from the docs, nor from the stack creation console:

So the format has to be --> https://<identitydomain><identitydomain>/myBackupContainer

2) Please add a client side validation on the admin password. You can enter whatever you want, but only after starting the creation of the stack, it will fail and tell you the pwd is not according to policies.

3) Why is 'my' IOT CS instance not shown on the "My Services Dashboard" ?

Just curious.