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Discoverer EUL_US: SQL to list Workbooks with their associated Worksheets.

LPNO Member Posts: 128 Blue Ribbon

I'm in charge of maintaining 200 workbooks with about 1000 worksheets. By exploring the tables structures of EUL_US and the web I collected and developed a few usefull SQL's to list all Workbooks ( table EUL_DOCUMENTS) with their associated Folders or views (I prefer to give the folders the same names as the views). Such this query is quite usefull:

select distinct d.doc_name, o.sobj_ext_table,o.obj_name from EUL_US.eul5_documents d , EUL_US.eul5_elem_xrefs x , EUL_US.eul5_expressions e , EUL_US.eul5_objs o where x.ex_from_type = 'DOC' and x.ex_from_id = d.doc_id and x.ex_to_id = e.exp_id and e.IT_OBJ_ID = o.obj_id; 

What I eagerly looking for now is a list of the relation workbook - worksheets. I analyzed the EUL_US tables, I search the web for all kinds of possible keyword sequences. But I didn't find anything listing the structure of this relation.

The closest match is, reading the statistics table EUL5_QPP_STATS

SELECTa.qs_doc_owner Owner,a.qs_doc_name Workbook,a.qs_doc_details Worksheet,count(*) run_countFROM EUL_US.eul5_qpp_stats a,EUL_US.eul5_documents bWHERE a.qs_created_date > '01-JAN-2011'  -- only recent reportsAND a.qs_doc_name = b.doc_nameGROUP BYa.qs_doc_owner,a.qs_doc_name,a.qs_doc_detailsORDER BY run_count DESC

Anyhow this is not really the right table, as it reports not about the object relation, but about the occured worksheet invocations.

Can you give me please a hint where I find the Workbook-Worksheet Relation?

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