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Job Console HFM?

JanGLi Member Posts: 650 Bronze Badge
edited Sep 25, 2017 8:47AM in Financial Consolidation


In hyperion planning one can view the business rule status and error using job console. Is there anything like that for HFM. HFM does show the status when the rule execution is completed in consolidate administration->admin task->messages.

Is it possible to view the current activity being performed on HFM application?




  • ericerikson
    ericerikson Member Posts: 608 Bronze Trophy
    edited Sep 23, 2017 6:07AM

    Hi. If you do consolidation administration, admin tasks, running tasks you can see what’s currently running (mainly consolidations and data loads). You can also get to this, I think, from within HFM from the consolidation, maintenance menu too.


  • CBarbieri
    CBarbieri Member Posts: 1,011 Gold Trophy
    edited Sep 25, 2017 8:47AM

    As Eric said, you can see that consolidations are running and it will tell you the selected POV, but you cannot see individual rule execution. Since HFM doesn't have a real-time way to see individual rules, we use a logging approach in which we use vbscript embedded in the rules file to generate a text file that gives us the details we'd like - typically for debugging or timing purposes. For applications that use Calc Manager, these features can be enabled within Calc Manager. After rule execution we will examine the output log to see what we logged. In HFM has a feature called the rules profiler that gives us detail on the timing of each rule.

    The only real-time messages we can see lie in the Running Tasks, Task Audit, and System Messages.

    Is there something in particular you're looking for?

    - chris

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