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Give us feedback on our app catalog ideas!

Hi, I am the usability engineer working with the Composite Component Apps team on ideas for an app catalog  that we'd like to show you during OpenWorld in San Francisco Oct. 1-4.

Specifically, we are looking for application developers (or people who dabble in app dev)  to participate in a one-hour feedback session. In exchange, you'll get some Oracle swag, or a Starbuck's gift card, and our gratitude

The sessions will take place Monday and Tuesday at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco (we even have pedi-cabs to take you from the Moscone if you don't want to walk!). If you are interested, please sign up here:•

If you are unable to attend OpenWorld,but would like to participate remotely via webconference, you can still use the URL above to register your interest. IF we have open slots that are not filled with in-person attendees,  then I'll schedule remote sessions.


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