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SUN SPARK T3-2 server not booting- Storage not available

subashraja.800 Oracle BeginnerMember Posts: 10
edited Oct 12, 2017 8:42AM in SPARC Servers

Hi Team,

One of my sun SPARCT3-2  server has not powering on issue. After analysis we changed the motherboard.

Now server get power-UP   but server not booting to OS. We performed below of activities on it.

1. connected ILOM CLI console performed service mode POST test - OS not booted.

2. try to see the storage information through "show /system/Storage" but nothing is displayed.

3. configured IP address for NET MGMT port for web console. There we got some error  information on "STORAGE" that : 'Not Available"

"Comprehensive System monitoring is not available. Ensure the host is running with the Hardware Management Pack. For download details go to

Oracle Single Server Management - Downloads  "

STORAGE health1.jpg

I'm totally not understanding about this message.

Requesting you anyone can help me how to resolve this issue and how to get STORAGE active.

Firmware :

ILOm Firmware :

System POST   : POST 4.34.6 2014/05/19  13:08

system OBP    : OpenBoot 4.34.6  2014/05/19  12:51

system  Hypervisor : Hypervisor 1.11.6  2014/05/19  13.33


Subash Raja