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OSB 12c- Hexadecimal value in JMS queue's Business service.

Hari Selva
Hari Selva Member Posts: 282 Blue Ribbon
edited Oct 11, 2017 9:50AM in SOA Suite Discusssions

Hi Experts,

JMS Queue at the business service generating hexadecimal value. I have provided the input payload and the sample output in the queue.

Please advise how to get the same value at the JMS queue as input payload.

Please let me know in case you have any questions.

Input to the OSB pipeline :

<soapenv:Body xmlns:soapenv="">[[

  <ns0:svcmonreq xmlns:ns0="">

    <ns1:requestHeader xmlns:ns1="">

      <ns1:actionRequested AR="QUERY">










      <ns0:name>AppName Stats</ns0:name>




      <ns0:owner>AppName Team</ns0:owner>





        <ns0:biz-txn-id>AppName sCCIN MediatorAppName2017-10-01 23</ns0:biz-txn-id>


        <ns0:entity-id>Record ID: 99770424</ns0:entity-id>


        <ns0:description>Error Data collector</ns0:description>







        <ns0:context xsi:nil="true" xmlns:xsi=""/>









Output in the JMS queue:

00000000:  3c3f  786d  6c20  7665  7273  696f  6e3d  2231  .?xml version."1

00000010:  2e30  2220  656e  636f  6469  6e67  3d22  5554  .0" encoding."UT

00000020:  462d  3822  3f3e  0a3c  6e73  303a  7365  7276  F.8"?...ns0:serv

00000030:  6963  654d  6f6e  6974  6f72  5265  7175  6573  iceMonitorReques

00000040:  7420  786d  6c6e  733a  6e73  303d  2268  7474  t xmlns:ns0."htt



00000870:  7565  7374  3e                                  uest.

I am expecting same text in the queue as input. Please advise.

Pipeline's Screenshot for reference:


Thanks in Advance!!

Message was edited by: Hari Selva Thanks for your response!!. I do appreciate your help.. I will review your response and will get back to you ASAP.

Martien van den Akker

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