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Get JSESSION ID Content using OAG

User_LHD97 Member Posts: 12 Blue Ribbon

HI guys

           I am build a custom policy in OAG end I need to propagate the JSESSIONID.
            For this task, I am trying to use the 'Get Cookie' filter but I don´t find the Correct Regular expression to use.

           Now I am using:


            To Propagate

              And the Cookie is defined as (using F12):

            Request Header:

                     Cookie: JSESSIONID=OAMe3J39zFM27ajUCM3kOR67RELY2sDgsQbqJwSh.jboss-dev


                 Response Header

                    Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=Nmzt_sSzh91Sp6llRvwJCjiMjz5ok3_m_dus0l2x.jboss-dev


Regards, Marcello