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Dynamically inserting logos/images in BIP Report

Kath Alcayde
Kath Alcayde Member Posts: 3 Red Ribbon


Our requirement is to dynamically call the logo in the Purchase Order Document report based on the Legal Entity of the PO.

I have done several ways to achieve this output but it's not working.

I used UCM as image repository

I did the following:

1. I followed the steps indicated in Doc ID 2232740.1

300000001423024 = LegalEntityID

* I successfully uploaded the logo and got the url:


* To attached it in the RTF template, I modified the URL as indicated in the reference document:


* To call it dynamically, I placed a dummy image and I used the follwong syntax in Alternate Text:


Result: Blank

2. Created a DFF and insert the image URL

Result: URL of the image appeared in the PDF instead of  the image

3. Other references: Doc ID 550627.1

Result: Blank

- What are the other possible ways to do this?

- Or where did I get it wrong?

- How to insert an image as BLOB in PER_IMAGES table in cloud environment?




Kath AlcaydeUser_WZ8KA


  • managed BEAN
    managed BEAN Member Posts: 948 Silver Badge
    edited Nov 13, 2017 6:35AM


    I have read the docx provided in link.

    The solution i am offering is not like that (no need for ucm), but it is up to you.

    It´s directly from DB to get the blob and display it (are you interested? keep reading, otherwise forget. LOL ).

    In data model make a query to select the BLOB, you can pass parameters in it, like :

    select blob as thememo from imagetablewhere column = :someParameter

    and you´ll have:


    Now in rtf template you´ll have to insert a field (whit BIP add-on in MSWord):


    Click in it twice and go to advanced tab and write:

    <fo:instream-foreign-object content-type="image/jpg"height="1  in" width="1 in"><?THEMEMO?></fo:instream-foreign-object>

    Run it and you´ll see the image.



    Kath AlcaydeUser_WZ8KA
  • Kath Alcayde
    Kath Alcayde Member Posts: 3 Red Ribbon
    edited Nov 13, 2017 6:45AM

    Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for the response!

    How can I insert the images as BLOB directly in the DB?

    I logged a SR in MOS and they said this is not possible in a SAAS environment.



  • managed BEAN
    managed BEAN Member Posts: 948 Silver Badge
    edited Nov 13, 2017 6:59AM
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