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Configure Time Card Access to be different for Employee, Manager and other roles

Majdi Dridi
Majdi Dridi Member Posts: 7 Green Ribbon

Hi All,

I am on a Fusion R12 environment, and I have a specific need for time card editing and deletion access options and here is what we want as a result :

- Employee has no access to edit or delete time card once manager has approved it

- Employee's manager car edit/delete time card, even if he approved it, until the end of the current month

- Billing Specialists (custom role with access to time cards) can edit/delete time cards beyond the end of the month

I know that Time Card Access settings and manager through the Profile Values in the 'Worker Time Entry Profiles', but options there are very limited and applicable to everyone in the same way.

Are there any other possibilities is Fusion to have a configuration like described in the example above?

Thank you

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