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Boot Error SUNW-MSG-ID: AK-8000-9

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edited Oct 30, 2017 9:20AM in ZFS Storage Appliance

I'm in the process of upgrade the firmware on my 7420 to 2013. and encountered the bug described in the AK-8000-9T Tech-note.  I applied the  krb5_check.akwf workflow prior to the upgrade and I'm still getting the same error "The application kit failed to initialize".

is there another work around or is it possible for me to touch the  krb5.config file when the system ask for the user to hit:

"ESC-3: HALT     ESC-4: Reboot      ESC-5: Info"


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    Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance: After Upgrade to 8.7.x, 7x20 Appliances may experience Boot Error SUNW-MSG-ID: AK-8000-9T (Doc ID 2298377.1)

    You can:

    1. Open SR.  Ask support via SharedShell help resolve this issue.

    2. Reboot Storage. At Grub select previos FW release.

        Do rollback FW.

        Apply ForkFlow

        Check that FW 8.7 not present at list. Remove it if present.

        Upgrade FW.