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Notification in Webcenter Content

user11110762 Member Posts: 150 Blue Ribbon
edited Nov 8, 2017 8:20AM in WebCenter Content


I am not being able to send or use the default test mail service in UCM. On further analyzing I realized the mail exchange server is using NTLM which is not supported by the javax-mail api that UCM uses for smtp communication. I went ahead and modified the jar itself to accept and authenticate NTLM security now. I tried testing it using a java client now which was successful(used to give NTLM error before).I just need help to see where this jar has been kept in UCM and where is it dependencies? In short I want to replace the default jar with my updated one and see how it behaves.

Need your help experts.


Dipankar Banerjee


  • Vikram Yadav
    Vikram Yadav Member Posts: 132
    edited Nov 8, 2017 8:20AM

    So modifying the OOB jar is not recommended in WCC and you might not be able to get any help from Oracle Support as well.

    However you can write a custom component and do either class aliasing which is overriding of class contains the code related to your changes or do method chaining tooverride a specific method of that particular class which contains that related code.



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