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BI Report for fetching users whose user account is locked

30632523063252 Posts: 7
edited December 2017 in HCM Cloud Service


    I am currently using Oracle Business Intelligence product. Can anyone guide me that in Oracle Fusion Cloud "How can I get the User accounts that is locked?" in Oracle BIP Reports ? I have already checked "PER_USERS" table and other tables in HCM Data Source  but unable to find table that provide relevant data for User whose account is locked but Active and not suspended.


Sahil Kumar


  • timdextertimdexter Posts: 130
    edited November 2017


    Your question would be better answered in the HCM forum rather than here in the BIP forum. Once you have the table(s) you need to hit. If you have issues with the report, then come back here.



  • user8579949user8579949 Posts: 1
    edited December 2017

    I have the same question.  Did a quick search and did not see any answers posted.

    I tried running the 'User Details System Extract Report', however it appears all users (including those that are locked) still have an ACTIVE_FLAG = Y.

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