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Is Oracle Developer Cloud Service enough?

Gado Member Posts: 626 Blue Ribbon

Hello Experts,

I'm using JDev For building ADF application.

I've been developing an ADF application for about a year now and recently i came across some maintenance problems.

Specially that i wasn't using any version control or an issue tracking system (didn't know about those until now actually).

So i came across some tools and studied them carefully which are GIT as a versioning tool and JIRA and Confluence as an issue tracking system.

I can't tell how much this knowledge transformed my life as a developer.

But i also came across that amazing oracle solution "Oracle Developer Cloud Service" which made me even happier because now all of this tools are integrated together with JDeveloper seamlessly.

But i have a couple of questions here:

1- If i chose to use the ODCS will i still need JIRA or Confluence?

2- After the ODCS trial period ends how much would i pay to use only these tools?

(I took a look on this link  ... but didn't understand anything)

To help you find the most accurate answer:

1- For now i'm only one user.

2- My question is only about issue tracking and version control ... so no any other SAAS , IAAS or PAAS.

Thank you for your time