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"Target Application" in good old FDM

User_3JG8T Member Posts: 198 Red Ribbon
edited Nov 30, 2017 5:47AM in Financial Data Management

Hi everyone, my customer is asking me to change the "target application of HFM" from old FDM to a "TEST target application of HFM". But I am only familiar with FDMEE setup. How can I do that in FDM? I tried to create the new adapter in FDM Workbench... but seems like that is not the correct way to change target application. any idea or step by step? Tx!


Best Answer

  • Caniut Alex
    Caniut Alex Member Posts: 60 Red Ribbon
    edited Nov 28, 2017 5:54PM Accepted Answer

    Hey ,

    Is that the TEST app is same as the one now ,

    1.Check out in Application/Integration settings and find out the options saying Application Name and there you are .

    there are other approaches by creating to new adapter. and pointing it .


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