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Accessing /osb/service/ResultCache Using Coherence REST API OR Coherence Adapter From SOA/OSB

User335733 Member Posts: 2 Blue Ribbon
edited Dec 16, 2017 8:03AM in Coherence Support


Is it possible to access the OSB cached results in /osb/service/ResultCache using coherence rest api. I have a requirement where I need to delete a specific cached result from /osb/service/ResultCache, which is not possible from OSB. I tried using the coherence adapter but no luck. Is there any way I can delete the entry with respect to the cache key from /osb/service/ResultCache. Any help in this regard is much appreciated.

Thank you.


  • Shyam Radhakrishnan-Oracle
    Shyam Radhakrishnan-Oracle Member Posts: 80
    edited Dec 15, 2017 9:32AM

    I think this will be tricky via REST as you will have to deploy a REST web application. But if you have the cache configuration used by OSB, or something very similar, and you know the cluster name, you should be able to write a very trivial Coherence java client and delete the cache entry. After all, the OSB cache is running in a Coherence cluster, and any other client should eb able to join it, provided you give the correct cluster name and WKA etc if used. The logs should show the cluster name etc an other parameters like WKA.

  • User335733
    User335733 Member Posts: 2 Blue Ribbon
    edited Dec 16, 2017 8:03AM

    Hello Shyam,

    Thank you for your input.

    I have been trying to enable rest service by modifying the service bus result cache application itself, which is resultcache.ear. I have followed the below oracle documentation on how to enable rest api for a coherence application.

    Now I am stuck in coherence-rest-config.xml, where I have to provide the below information.








    I know the cache name, but the keycalss and value class is something I am not sure about. Do you know what to mention here. Also is the approach to enable rest api by modifying resultcache.ear is a valid one?

    Thank you.

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