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Export of Data Doubt

Robert Angel
Robert Angel Member Posts: 4,535 Bronze Crown
edited Sep 28, 2018 8:06AM in Planning and Budgeting


I use the following to export data from a database in PBCS, it works, but the data exported does not have a consistent number of columns populated, sometimes it exports the 13 periods of content, othertimes the import content just ends.

     Dataexportlevel "Level0";
        Dataexportdynamiccalc off;
        DataexportDecimal 2;
        Dataexportoverwritefile on;
        Dataexportnonexistingblocks off;
        Dataexportcolheader "Period";
        Dataexportcolformat on;
        DataexportDimHeader on;

fix({Year},local,basedata,{Scenario}, {Version}, Jan:Dec, BegBalance)

dataexport "File" "|" "/u03/lcm/WorkExportZeroLevel.txt" "#MI";


Is there anyway to force it to populate with #MI 'all the way', am I assured that if the data is missing then it is missing because it is not populated and there is no misalignment to the file headings?

i.e. I sometimes get; -


And sometimes I get; -


I always want the latter, is there a way or failing that am I assured that #MI will appear when there are columns in the latter end of the year but not the start of the year??

Note Period is dense.

thank you.


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