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Benefits Arrear Balances for Employees

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Hi All,

   Where can we view Benefits Arrear Balances in Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud R12?


Sahil Kumar



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    I am not sure if I properly understood your question. Are you using Fusion HCM Benefit Balances?

    if not, you can create a benefit balance from Manage Benefit Balances and then you can use Manage Person Benefit Balances task in Enrollment area to assign a value to that balance, for a specific participant. You can also use batch process from Person Data Loaders tab> Upload Person Benefit Balances task row.

    Further more, if you want the benefits coverage amount to be calculating as per designated amount set up on Benefits balance, the person benefit  balance must be associated to the coverage for the plan , like via a compensation derived factor. On the comp factor, the setup should be set to benefit balance, or if any formula  is used to calculate coverage, the same needs to be updated to account for this added benefit balance.

    Kind regards,


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