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CDB/PDB versus SYSDATE -- can i make them play nice?

user502212 Member Posts: 14
edited Dec 22, 2017 11:44AM in Multitenant

I am migrating from a single database 11g configuration to a multitenant 12c (12.1) database.  I have a CDB set up with one timezone (PST) and a PDB set up with a different time zone (CDT).  We have verified this using the dbtimezone function.

Of course I migrated a my code over to the PDB and gave it a go.

SYSDATE is returning the CDB PST time (select sysdate from dual) when I'm in the PDB.  I'm guessing we messed something up in the PDB configuration?  Surely any PL-SQL or SQL can be made to function with the time zone of each PDB -- otherwise why have it?

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